The Types of Services we provide are:

Rubbish Removal and the Roll Off Dumpsters.

We offer no obligation quotes.

The Rubbish Removal

 is where we come in with truck and trailer
 and load up your clutter by hand. 
The trailer utilized is a 14 foot long by 8 feet wide dump trailer. 
We do have a flat rate for different surrounding areas.
 The flat rate  includes our labor and disposal fees. 
We can almost always take everything.
  There are some prohibited items that we cannot take. 
The items are oils, paints, and chemicals

The Roll Off Dumpster

 is where we come and drop it off for a certain amount of days.
The Roll Off Dumpster is where you can take your
 time to fill it up with your clutter.

Items Not Allowed In Roll Off Dumpsters:
    Air Conditioning Units
    Items That Contain Freon
    Wet Paint
    Automotive Fluids
    Lawn & Garden Chemicals
    House Hold Trash
    Green Waste
     No Explosives/ Gun Powder
     Medical Waste
     Dirt or Concrete
     Any Aerosol Cans
    Any Other Chemicals
    Anything that contains asbestos
    Any products deemed hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency.
    No dead animals of any kind